I can't think of anything that demonstrates accuracy like baseball.  Think about what it takes to throw a fist-sized ball 100 miles per hour into a target roughly the size of a hat from 60 feet away.  While on the other side of that scenario a person stands with 3 foot long round stick trying to hit said fist-size ball squarely enough that he can avoid hitting it at one of eight defenders.  

This requires a symphony of specialized cells relaying information back and forth with the brain at the speed of light.  This information includes touch, pressure, vibration, joint angles, muscle length and many many more.  Because this all happens at the speed of electricity through the nerves we know how amazing it is to watch someone who has these skills but we rarely think about developing them ourselves.  

Be aware while training.  Learn to feel for these things.  Learn what good reps feel like and what bad reps feel like.  When you know what it feels like you can reproduce it easier and faster.  That's what sports are.  If you can consistently reproduce the same body positions with the same amount of pressure and force on a baseball you'd be a great pitcher. 

Now obviously I am not saying that CrossFit will make you a professional athlete, but the professional athlete has developed the feel for their sport over years of practice and paying attention to the feedback of each successful effort.  Learn to apply that to your workouts.  Learn how to apply that to everything in life.