CrossFit is our bread and butter; most of our schedule is dedicated to CrossFit classes.  These classes follow the recipe of constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity. CrossFit should not be confused with boot-camps or always be assumed that it is "fast-paced". CrossFit requires strength too and we program a steady dose of strength work to complete your fitness profile by developing all 10 physical skills.

Olympic Weightlifting:

Olympic weightlifting, or Weightlifting with a capital W is a sport.  As a sport it is awesome and amazing and inspiring to see people move such heavy weights so efficiently.  This class is designed to build athletes up to competitive levels and prepare for lifting on a platform.  There is substantial attention to detail in this class as Weightlifting is both a sport of strength and skill.

Because the Weightlifting movements (Snatch/Clean/Jerk) will appear in CrossFit classes we strongly recommend you work some of these classes into your schedule.  If not weekly at least try to make a few of these per month.  That will allow you time to practice and develop the movement to have greater success doing CrossFit.

Open Gym:

At the open gym you may be on your own.  While a coach may be there, that coach might be doing their own workout or training a private client.  You may not have access to coaching at these open gym times.   So if you're going to open gym be prepared to be your own coach.  

With that said a lot can be developed on your own.  Practice things that you struggle with.  Stretch.  We often cue "if you can feel it you can fix it", so if you practice on your own in open gym you can learn a lot about your movements.