Learn & Strengthen Your Foundations

     "Where is everyone?", I asked.

     The recent workout schedule had been "Run...", then "Airdyne...", and then "Animal Flow movements for max distance".  No wonder that the Wodify Whiteboard was so thin.  I've vowed to not cherry pick, but a rest day was starting to look justifiably tasty.  Will, being the programming sage that he is, posed a question: "Do you remember what is at the bottom of the 'CrossFit Pyramid'?"  While everyone knows that the response should be "bacon & coffee", I replied "Metabolic Conditioning & Gymnastics."  And after further defining Gymnastics, he continued "So, how would you classify the Animal Flow movements?  And obviously the sprint intervals?"  I had been schooled.

     Let's take a step back and unpackage this whole quick lesson.

     Greg Glassman published the "WHAT IS FITNESS?" article in October of 2002.  In this article he outlined CrossFit's definition of fitness, and how it was derived.  Additionally, the article described the now iconic "World-Class Fitness in 100 Words", the 10 "General Physical Skills", and "A Theoretical Hierarchy of Development" (in our instance referred to as the "CrossFit Pyramid").  Built on a wide base of Nutrition, athletes develop and progress up the pyramid through Metabolic Conditioning, Gymnastics, Weightlifting & Throwing, and peak at Sport in order to maximize athleticism.  If you have not read the article (at all, or recently) please do take the time: http://journal.crossfit.com/2002/10/what-is-fitness-by-greg-glassm.tpl

     For many of us, once you get the basics of the movements traditionally included in CrossFit workouts, you want to challenge your consistency with a little increased intensity.  Personal Records with a barbell movement make for great Instagram posts. Sadly, no one has ever asked me "What's your max effort Forward Traveling Beast?" or "How consistent are your Airdyne sprint calories for 8 rounds, given a 1:5 work-to-rest ratio?"  It's just not that sexy.

     Holding true to CrossFit intent, take the New Year as the catalyst to recalibrate yourself to the foundations and the concept of a developmental hierarchy.  Trust the Karma CrossFit programming methodology as the calculated path toward optimizing your physical competence.  Really think about how you may be justifying those rest days, and consider applying that effort to justifying bacon & coffee.

Photo Credit: Glassman, G. (2002). What is Fitness. CrossFit Journal. Retrieved December 31, 2015, from http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/CFJ-trial.pdf