Spartan Race Training Course

I couldn't be more stoked to be offering this course at Karma CrossFit!  A private training client of mine, Ken Furuta, has a serious passion for Obstacle Course Races (OCR) the most popular of which is Spartan Race series in which Ken is ranked in the top 30 in the world for his age group. This guy is an animal!

Now you can take advantage of Ken's knowledge and experience as part of a 6-week training course Ken will be running with Karma CrossFit.  If you've never done a Spartan Race this will be a perfect learning experience for you, and if you've done a few you'll get some great tips and training sessions to improve your results the next time out.  There will be all sorts of fun workouts including a field trip to an military obstacle course where you'll really get to develop and test your skills before the next Spartan Race in Temecula which we'll have a team headed to (paid for separately).  

Ken will whip you into Spartan shape 2 times a week, plus give you work to do on your own to make sure you're as prepared as you can be for a sprint distance race.  He's also planning on having some of his training buddies who are also top ranked competitors.  This could easily be the first 6 weeks of a life changing journey.


Starting 12/19/15 and finishing just in time for Spartan Race in Temecula 1/31/16

6 Weeks (2 times per week + homework) 

Training at Karma CrossFit as well as off site at Del Cero, Aviation Track, and The Playpen military obstacle course.