Simple ways to live a healthier longer life.

I recently read an article from about living a long healthy life.  What I like most about this article is the focus on keeping it simple and easy.  Today, everyone is looking for a quick way to get a 6-pack, or lose those last 5 stubborn pounds.  There is always some gimmick for weight loss or some fancy gym membership.  But what if getting those things doesn’t revolve around a fad diet or gym?  Let’s look at the items that NPR recommends:

1. Get enough sleep.

2. Move your body throughout the day.

3. Eat well. 

4. Interact Socially. Isolation is not good for the body, soul or mind.

5. Take some time to reflect on what you are grateful for. 

5 steps that are all easily achievable to incorporate daily in our busy lives.  This isn’t rocket science, these are all very basic steps, but critical in becoming healthier and happier individuals.  There is an app for everything and I will list the following apps that can help you achieve these steps. 

1. Sleep: Maybe you are going to bed at a decent time, but your quality of sleep is lacking.  Sleep Cycle is a great way to track hours of sleep along with quality.  Once you have an idea of how much sleep you are getting and how good it actually is, you can make adjustments to make it even better.  Maybe that includes going to sleep earlier or giving yourself more time to unwind and relax  

2. Move throughout the day: This is as easy as just taking a break from work and walking around the office, or setting an alarm to remind you to stretch.  I downloaded an app called, everyday I have a reminder that pops up and tells me to do “Office Chair yoga”.  I set the reminder for a time that I usually don’t have any meetings and will actually do it when notified. But, it does require the discipline to actually stretch, the app won’t stretch for you. 

3. Eat Well: The Whole Life Challenge (this is not exactly an app, but you get the idea) is a great tool to help you get on track with not only eating, but also sleeping, water consumption and many other lifestyle habits.  You can participate in this challenge as an individual, join a team, or get your friends to do it with you!  Karma CrossFit is also offering a Nutritional Seminar in mid January.  If you aren’t sure where to start with your diet this seminar will not only help you figure out how to eat but why eating healthy food is important.  Sign up here:

4. Interact Socially: This is a tricky one, sometimes being social is not something we want to partake in.  However, being social can be as simple as going to lunch with a coworker outside the office, or maybe meeting up with your friends and having a coloring party (yes, I said coloring).  If you want to break out of your regular social gatherings, Meetup is great way to find activities that may be out of your comfort zone, maybe you have always wanted to try painting or rock climbing.  Whatever it may be, it’s bound to be on Meetup.  

5. Being Grateful: Ah, yes, being grateful.  This is one I need to work on the most.  It's easy to take things for granted.  When was the last time you were thankful for the waking up and going to work? You’re probably thinking "why would I be thankful for having to go to work everyday?" Well, that J-O-B of yours allows you to eat the food you put on the table.  Or what about being thankful for the clothes on your back, or the people in your life? Gratitude 365 has created an app that has you write down/list out the things you are grateful for every day. 

Do you use any Apps to help you live a healthier life? Please post them in the comments.