It's OK to miss a lift

While looking at the whiteboard recently I have seen “I have should have gone heavier” more times that I would like to say.  Each time I read one of those comments it reminds me of the following quote, “If you’re not failing you’re not trying hard enough.”  Now, I’m not saying you should be missing all your lifts (if you are, talk to your coach).  Without missing every once in a while, how do you know what you are capable of?   

Failing is not only good physical practice, but mental as well.  Failing can be a tough thing to except. However, that is exactly what needs happen.  Acknowledge that it didn't happen.  Reflect on what you would have done to improve it and don't let it ruin your training.  On the flip side,  what if you tried that 1RM, 3RM or 5RM weight that you have been wanting to tell all your friends, coworkers and gym mates about?  That feeling is incredible and so worth risking the fact that it might not happen.  So from now on, put that weight on the bar and fight with all your being.  Maybe the bar crushes you that day, or maybe you take that bar and show it who’s boss. Try it, I dare you.