The Glassman Chipper: Week 11 "The Overhead Lifts"

Building off of the "fault detection" test described in the Week 10 article, this week centers on the "power zone" stability and explosiveness required and developed by lifting loads overhead from the shoulders.  

Bottom line up front: Power and speed are "king" in sports performance.  Explosiveness is hallmark in speed and power training.  Emanating from the core (AKA the "power zone") and radiating out to the extremities, the overhead lifts aid enormously in "power zone" development.

During the introductory classes at Karma CrossFit, and as part of the CrossFit Level 1 Certification, the Shoulder Press, the Push Press, and the Push Jerk are taught in sequence, and this statement from the Week 11 article summarizes it perfectly: From shoulder press to push jerk the movements become increasingly more athletic, functional, and suited for heavier loads.  The progression also increasingly relies on the "power zone".

Like many of the other great articles from Coach Glassman, this one too offers a measuring stick for balanced performance:  With the push press you will be able to drive overhead as much as 30% more weight than with the shoulder press.  The push jerk will allow you to drive as much as 30% more overhead than you would with the push press.  Do your numbers maximize these ratios?

he overhead lifts are some of my personal favorites.  Very few other movements help more in reinforcing how to transfer strength and explosiveness through your entire body.  When performed correctly, the results swell your confidence.  When performed with faults, the difference is astounding.

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