The Glassman Chipper: Week 13 "The Odd Lifts"

Such an ominous opening to the 13th article of our 38-part Glassman Chipper (Part 1), The Odd Lifts, approach them with...extreme caution.

As we have seen programmed in the recent Karma CrossFit past (and may see more of in the future), odd lifts present a challenge that we don't always know how to approach.  The Two-Hands Anyhow and Zercher Squat taught me to activate deep stabilizing muscles I had never felt before.  If we train under the Unknown and Unknowable mantra, we have to be able to analyze and adapt to unfamiliar loads and movement patterns, while of course considering safety as much as possible.

Reading through these suggested Odd Lifts, think about what we have seen already from The Sport of Fitness since this January 2003 publication: Two-person movements at both Regionals and The Games.  Could one-hand barbell movements or Roman Chair variants be coming next season?

If you talk to Will on programmed odd lift days at KCF, you will likely know that he is really charged up on The Inman Mile.  For those bold souls, wanting to shoot for extra Head Coach brownie points, give it consideration next Benchmark Thursday.

What else could be added to Coach Glassman's list?  Are these novelty, or functional additions to a varied program?  Would you like to see more in our programming?

As always, post to comments.