The Glassman Chipper: Week 14 "Hoover Ball"

Short article, many pictures.

On the surface, this article for Week 14 is about giving volleyball/tennis the "CrossFit treatment" (read: make it more challenging, with a sprinkle of braggadocios novelty).  Deeper down, we can interpret Hoover Ball to represent: Taking your fitness path outside of the gym and away from the routine.

Referenced in early posts, the peak of the pyramid is SPORT.  The lesson here becomes, get out and about, get creative, and translate your achievements in the gym to to recreational, as well as competitive, sport.

We are closing in on Thanksgiving Day, and (sadly) it is cooling down a bit in Manhattan Beach.  I'm sure a few games of Hoover Ball down at the Hermosa Pier would get our heart rates up enough to enjoy beach life for a few more weeks.

Who is in?  Post to comments.