The Glassman Chipper: Week 15 "A Theoretical Template for CrossFit's Programming"

Returning to the blog structure of Week 1, I'll briefly summarize the A Theoretical Template for CrossFit's Programming article (for this Week 15 post), and then toss out some bullets points to prompt discussion.

If you follow the Main Site ( at some point you should wonder "How do they come up with this stuff?"  If you stay inside the Karma CrossFit bubble, you may have wondered the same thing.  Though the two sites likely do not follow the same formula, the Week 15 Glassman Chipper article offers a theoretical method for program structure.

Here we go, for thoughts and discussion:

  • Regimen versus Routine
  • Blending structure and flexibility
  • 3 on, 1 off versus 5 on, 2 off versus something else?
  • Does everything fit into Gymnastics, Metabolic Conditioning (METCON), and Weightlifting?
  • Single-element, Couplets, Triplets, and Chippers (not mentioned here)
  • Element, Task, and Time Priorities
  • Standards of 5 Rounds and 20 minutes?

If CrossFit's prescription is constantly varied functional movements, how do you feel about gyms that program with certain biases?

If you were to classify Karma CrossFit's programming bias, what would you say?

Post to comments.

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