When I Eat 5000 Calories in One Meal

As the holidays are upon us, I wanted to share my experience with WD (Warrior Diet). Some of you have heard me talk at length about how much I love this way of eating. Now to be fair I followed this diet a lot like I follow a recipe, I feel my way through it and make it my own.

Why am I sharing today? Yesterday in one sitting I ate and drank 5000ish calories, for a 5'4.5" 120# 45-year-old woman I'm saying that is solid when I eat about 1100 calories for post workout and another 800 calories before bed. My scale weight was the same today as it was yesterday post eating coma-inducing amounts of food. 

It was 2010 when I first read the book by Ori Holfmekler; it was the complete opposite of what I had been doing in contest prep with Team Bombshell. In that contest prep I'd lost strength energy and my sense of wellbeing, it completely drained me, and I was ready for a change and taking on the WD was just what I needed. 

Although I'd say my thyroid function was down from all the conditioning, the massive amount of reps and low-calorie low-fat diet (which I added to what they suggest because I was dying). My body-fat percentage was I'd say close to a legit 12%; Will had me at 9% with calipers, my insulin, and other functions were prime for adding more calories and staying lean.

Here is what I did.  

  • Coffee with cream 
  • Workout prepping for Masters Open USAW (weightlifting) at 8 am or 10 am 
  • Post workout I'd start to eat at either 11 am or 1 pm
    • 1-2 pounds of meat, about 4 cups of broccoli or other steamed veggie and then potatoes (sometimes crisps) or rice, really anything else I felt like eating until I was full. Sometimes I'd take a nap and then get up and continue eating if I had time left. The eating would continue until my 4-hour window closed.
  • That was it; I didn't eat anything outside of my window.
  • On non-training days I would eat what I would call "normal" breakfast lunch and supper. 

While following this protocol of eating I had more energy, clearer thought process, was positive and got a lot done because I wasn't cooking food, cleaning dishes or eating food which can all be time-consuming. Also doing this gave me the opportunity to eat one type of meat every day which I think is important for variety. 

This way of eating went against everything I had ever felt right in fitness.

  • Eat six meals per day or more
  • Eat every 2 hours
  • Eat all the protein 
  • All Fat is bad
  • Don't eat too many carbs
  • Don't eat after 6 pm
  • If you eat carbs before bed, you will store them as fat
  • Artificial sweeteners are awesome
  • Keep your glucose level, so you don't lose your shit
  • If you don't eat, you will burn muscle 
  • Your metabolism will slow down
  • Always eat breakfast it gets your metabolism going for the day

All of those things were untrue or at least for a whole lot of people I've worked with doing intermittent fasting to correct hormone issues and me. Not only did I function better, get stronger, stay leaner I have more time to do things that make me happy. So why do so many people promote the many meal frequency diet? If you are using performance enhancing drugs, you have to eat more often, and it doesn't matter if you eat low fat because your body is chemically altered. Am I against drug use in sport or just for shits and giggles, honestly not at all, if that's what you want, go for it, just don't hurt yourself and get help from a reliable person. 

The issue is when a drug using person promotes their way of doing things to the non drug users as the only way to acheive their body. Low fat, high cardio, small meals all day long, mass amounts of protien. It's time for this to stop, we have better information and should just stop looking at someone with an amazing physique and trying to follow what they do "Less the drugs of course" which in tern = not the same results, continued frustration and failure.

Not long ago I read that 70% of bikini competitors use drugs, seriously? Why? Whoever they are getting coaching or information from only knows how to get people into shape using drugs. They push to the last minute, not following their plan in the first place and need to drastic diet, take clen, T3 or Anavar. It hurts my soul when these people promote their way as healthy, look at me; I'm so fit. Like photoshop and filters, smoke and mirrors you will never see the truth because there is no long hall in fitness for these people.

My final thoughts.

  1. Eating once or twice per day is awesome. Currently, I'm four months out of competition prep, weigh 120# at 13% body fat (via DEXA-scan) eating 2200 calories per day
  2. Competition weight 114# at 12% body fat eating 1400 calories per day doing too much conditioning and feeling like poop
  3. Everyone is different, and one way is not for everyone
  4. Eating egg whites alone is stupid if someone gives you that on your meal plan shin them. Seriously, you need fat soluble vitamins; you need cholesterol and fat to make hormones
  5.  Lift heavy weights, and heavy is relative. If you spend time under tension with a lighter weight that's awesome, just don't do a ton of cardio or conditioning thinking that is the way to health
  6. Please learn the basics squat, press, deadlift from someone who knows what they are doing. You will learn not to be afraid, get the free weights moving and stay away from the machines
  7. Ultimately health should be your goal

Look I believe that we are all different and need variety but sometimes people are so caught up in the dogma that they convince themselves it's real. Placebo is about 1/3, so anything is possible if you believe it. 

Am I sold on the Warrior Diet no, there are several things that I just can't agree with, and I'm ok with that. I like knowing I don't have to eat breakfast, or every two to three hours to keep my health and fitness at their peak.