Lets Talk About My Menstrual Cycle

Around here it gets referred to as shark week, and I intend to have buttons printed indicating where I am so people understand what the hell is going on in my body, in hopes that far fewer feeling will be hurt. Let's face it I dish out a lot more shit than whip cream even in an up cycle, and you MUST be a strong person to take me on and stick around as I'm not a personality to be taken lightly. 
Ok, ok, so why do I want to talk about my period? Today I woke up feeling FANTASTIC! Even above my typical awesomeness and I couldn't figure out why. Well, Renee brought me coffee, which made my day. It's Friday and those make me pretty stoked for the weekend. Great conversation with a client, did some high-tech problem-solving, it's leg day, hmmm, oh hello Aunt Flow.
To some, this may seem confusing "I thought you are bitchy, crampy, tired, nobody wants to be around you because basically when you bleed you are a bitch." 
Understanding and accepting how hormones fluctuate throughout the month can empower you to be more productive, creative, kinder, and dominate as women should.  
Here is the run down on a female cycle.
Days 1-5, the menstrual phase can be empowering. More rational thought and mental awareness, it's a time when I experience a lot of epiphanies. Although I may find myself a little more physically tired,  it's heavy week weightlifting time for me, and I can put up some high numbers. In many native cultures that held women in high regard, they believed at this period women were more intuitive. 
It's a splendid time to let go, re-frame, new ideas, you'll have some wicked inherent creativity. Rest & Renewal.
Now we are talking, embrace the energy days 6-13 offer. With estrogen and testosterone revving up you'll feel more confident, outgoing, energetic, basically a take on and over the world kind of energy. 
Now is the time to take on those research projects, you have clarity and can concentrate. It is a crucial juncture for learning, starting new challenges like exercise or meal plan and be able to follow through. 
With the rise of progesterone on days 14-20 the high levels of energy, you experience go towards emotional well-being and relationships. It's a magnificent time to communicate, create relationships, be supportive, and be a team player. 
The creative phase days 21-28. What most times is referred to as PREMENSTRUAL and dreaded by most humans on planet Earth. Your hormones are bottoming out, feelings of self, less empathy for others, critical of most things, without understanding that you need to show yourself more kindness be less type A, and give yourself room for love and rest. A splendid time to be inspired, imaginative, identify and solve problems. Best time to do a real house, mind, body cleanse. 
Once I learned about how my hormones cycle, so many things I did, tolerated and reacted to made sense. I learned I could be more empathetic to others needs and more giving to myself without feeling selfish. My goal here is that at least of few women and men read this and can accept the cycle that women experience with love and understanding.