The Glassman Chipper: Week 17 "The Push-Up"

A subject near and dear to my heart, the Push-Up.  Based in regulatory requirement, this movement has been a keystone in my military physical training since I first begin preparing for Basic Training in 1999.  Sadly, once you leave the Army's Training and Doctrine Command (AKA "the schoolhouse"), and merge into the "real Army", the rigid standard for push-up execution and acceptance is often lost.

The gymnastics-centric Coach Glassman, and his developing CrossFit community reinvigorated the idea of virtuosity in movement, and provided a prompt for us to attempt to instruct more and more athletes on the proper performance of this foundational movement.

Coach Glassman's labeling of "an honest push-up" versus a "lousy push-up" is fantastic, and really calls out cheaters for their shortcuts.  There is a correct way, and there is everything else.

The Push-Up Milestones in this article from 2003 seem outlandish, even now after 15 or so years of the CrossFit training methodology, but they must be based on a standard achieved by someone.  Shoot for "Fifty honest basic push-ups" under the CrossFit standards, and build from there (all the way to "One handstand push-up w/out use of the wall and on fingertips".

Other coaches, like Greg Everett and Carl Paoli have published articles and videos on push-up standards, and should be reviewed for a more rounded perspective.

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