The Glassman Chipper: Week 2 "The Garage Gym"

The second week of the Glassman Chipper brings us an article that better exhibits Coach's personality and unabashedly candid style of communication.  The Garage Gym is structured to follow Foundations by defining what we need, what is offered by commercial facilities, and the solution to bridging the gap by taking matters into your own hands (and house...and bank account).

Throughout the article, Coach Glassman jabs those products and services he feels have come up short, and lauds those who are excelling in manufacturing and price efficiency.  All recommended vendors are listed by product referenced and hyperlinked website.  Inlaid frames add snarky lists and preemptive answers to inevitable concerns.  As we've seen during its evolution thus far, the CrossFit way of communicating is straightforward and unapologetic.  This worked for our program, and this didn't.  The message and tone are geared toward an open source free market attitude, and if your offering doesn't meet the mark either improve it, or get left behind.

In the almost 14 years since this article was published, do you think Coach Glassman and the CrossFit HQ Staff could have possibly envisioned the culture and industry that has exploded from messaging behind these early articles?  Many of the companies referenced are unrecognizable, and most all have been swallowed up by CrossFit-centric and CrossFit-partnered companies like Rogue and Again Faster.  

As the affiliate count continues to grow, the Garage Gym may be less and less of a necessity.  If you are in an urban center, CrossFit boxes now begin to rival Starbucks in their concentration.  But for those still remote, or just a lone wolf, You can likely buy Garage Gym starter packages from a single company.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the enclosed packing list looked much like 11 and 12 of this article.

Much like the Foundations article, digest this as an azimuth check.  If the equipment and purpose of the Garage Gym are considered baseline fundamental, does our gym have what it needs to effectively provide the breadth and depth of training?

Be on the lookout for Campus Boards in future CF Games events.

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