The Glassman Chipper: Week 6 "Glycemic Index"

In the WHAT IS FITNESS? article, discussed during Week 3 of this series, the final words of the first World-Class Fitness in 100 Words sentence are "and no sugar".

Coach Glassman addresses the fallacy of the faddish low fat diet, and the concerns created (and increasingly scientifically-supported) by the resulting compensatory carbohydrate elevation.

In 2016 CrossFit, Inc. took aim at Big Soda, one of the primary contributors to the mass marketing of harmful sugar-laden soft drinks and sports drinks.  Hyperinsulinemia, Diabetes, and Dialysis Centers are the progressive results of habitual rapid insulin spiking, all of which can be addressed by knowledge and discipline.  In 2002, the CrossFit community was already working to raise awareness and correct some of the misconceptions perpetuated by massive corporations.

As previously mentioned, the base of the Theoretical Hierarchy of Development is Nutrition.  Though the human body has the incredible ability to adapt and buffer nutritionally toxic substances, inadequate nutrition practices will undoubtedly negatively affect the pursuit of optimal health and performance.

Glycemic Index concludes with a simplified reference chart of "Good" and "Bad" foods.

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