The Glassman Chipper: Week 5 "The Muscle-up"

On the original layout of the website there used to be a section where athletes could post their first muscle-up.  As the community boomed, and the overall proficiency of movement increased, this feature became less relevant.  Nonetheless, the muscle-up remains a right of passage for CrossFitters and is recognized internally by gyms as an achievement of training progress.

In this article, Coach Glassman highlights the simplicity and high degree of difficulty in performing this movement correctly.  Adequate pull-up and dip strength (to the maximum ranges of motion) and understanding of the necessary components of spatial awareness as you transition from below the rings to above are prerequisite.

The Sport of Fitness, and adjacent organizations like GRID League, have transformed this basic gymnastics mounting technique into a race-component and transitioned its execution to develop both speed and high-repetition cycling.  Large swinging kips and (more recently) butterfly muscle-ups have significantly altered the movement.

If you are in search of your first muscle-up, or have interest in refining your current technique, grab a coach at Karma CrossFit and we will help spot you and dial-in your form.

As the article states, the capability to bring yourself from below to above any stable object is highly empowering, in and out of the gym setting.

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