Who's That Girl?

Hard work pays off. Follow the plan, work with yourself, not against yourself. Find motivation, surround yourself with like-minded people. 
Before and after photos from Renee's first NPC bikini competition. She has been a CrossFit athlete at Karma CrossFit for five years and had an excellent base of muscle.

Nine weeks of prep, posing practice, walking in heels, mentally getting ready to be judged on stage. Some people will dismiss Bikini competition as being something other than hard work, too girlie.  Ask anyone who dedicates the hours at the gym, food prep and time away from family and dealing with dismissal from unsupporting people as well as crabs. Not only did Renee do a fantastic job placing 3rd she became stronger in the process increasing her Deadlift, Squat and Bench numbers. 

Everyone's journey is different. Enjoy the process it is rewarding and you will find out a lot about who you are.