The Glassman Chipper: Week 30 "The Deadlift"

"No more than picking a thing off the ground." - The Deadlift

In the ever-expanding movement arsenal of the average CrossFit athlete, the Deadlift is likely to allow for the heaviest load.  Therefore you will often see those with beginner to intermediate experience embrace the Deadlift and the feeling of achievement that a new Personal Best/Personal Record brings.

In the eighth paragraph of the Week 30 article, Coach Glassman assigns the following attributes to the Deadlift:

  • Primal functionality
  • Whole-body nature
  • Mechanical advantage with large loads
  • Strong neuroendocrine impact
  • Quick boost in general strength and sense of power (like I stated above!)

"We recommend deadlifting at near max loads once per week or so."  Sounds great.  Sign me up.

How far away are you from the listed "Major Benchmarks"?  Once, Twice, Thrice bodyweight?

Just a few thoughts about the Deadlift.  We all know it, and hopefully we all love it.  If not, maybe you just need a little coaching, and a few more reps.

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