The Glassman Chipper: Week 33 "Really Cool Homemade Parallettes"

Your Workout of the Day (WOD) for Week 33 your own equipment.  Before the likes of Rogue, Again Faster, Reebok, and the hundreds of other companies catering to the equipment needs of the CrossFit community, DIY gym gear was very much part of the culture.  Self-built Plyo Boxes, fabricated Rings, Duct Taped Medicine Balls, and Do It Yourself Parallettes.

After a quick trip the local hardware store, Coach Glassman promises that within about an hour you'll be the proud owner of "not just good but fantastic" foundational gymnastic gear.

From there a world of new movements become available.  Try these resources for a comprehensive list:

Parallette training will undoubtedly increase your gymnastic abilities, wether as your primary pursuit or as additional skill and drill work.  Karma has four sets, and until you are able to construct your own, feel free to break them out before or after class!

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