The Glassman Chipper: Week 34 "Team Workouts"

Approximately 32 months into the experiment, Coach Glassman realized that individuals were starting to embrace the workouts, the articles, and the culture.  Many of these individuals had a commonality: "team" association.  Law Enforcement Officers, Military Service Members, and a spattering of professional athletes.  Though each person chooses to pursue their higher level fitness on their own, the efficacy and espirit de corps created by a training as part of a "team" was something that CrossFit was not specifically addressing.  Week 34 "Team Workouts" fills the void.  

Here are some points that caught my attention:

  • "When the team workouts are well constructed the physiological effect is equal to the individual workouts, but the magic created by the dynamics of teamwork and competition has no equivalent in the solo effort."
  • "'throwing numbers on the board' creates a climate where everyone gives their all."
  • "This (5K) can be run on a track, but urban cross-country options are better".
  • "Suffice it to say that cheating range of motion is completely unacceptable".
  • "We require of teams enormous skill, but all too often think that Physical Training (PT) is somehow more effective if built on low skill elements".

Aside the catchy quotable, Coach Glassman gives a 6-Week breakdown of team workouts to increase cohesion and "elite" fitness.

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