The Glassman Chipper: Week 36 "Handstands"

We are asking you to resolve to pressing to a handstand and then hand walking 100 feet within this year, 2004.  - Greg Glassman, CrossFit Journal Issue 17

A challenging but reasonable goal for a twelve month period.  Since we (assumably) missed the original deadline, how about achieving this standard within the, let's say...last 13 years?  Still no?  No better time than now to start, right?

Hand Balancing AKA standing on your hands, walking on your hands, and pressing from various positions into a handstand are "critical exercises to developing your athletic potential and essential components to becoming 'CrossFit'."  

Three drills can help to get you better at Hand Balancing:

  1. "Take-Offs" - From a standard upright position, plant your hands and pull yourself into an inverted position
  2. "Landings" - From an inverted positions, slowly lower your legs and feet to the ground.
  3. "Kick-Ups" - Practice getting into a handstand position against the wall.

As with heavy Back Squats, or high Box Jumps, one of the major fears in attempting Hand Balancing elements is that of falling.  To mitigate that fear, practice bailing out.  Coach Glassman describes two bail out methods: 1. Turn your body 1/4-1/2 turn and bring your feet down, or 2. Tuck your chin, round your back, and use your arms to lower your torso as you roll to your butt.

With drills to practice, and skills to bail, 100' of handstand walking is fully achievable for 2018.

Yes or No?  Post to comments.

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