The Glassman Chipper: Week 37 "Macroclimbing"

Beyond infrequent play, this just isn't something that most of us do, climbing.  In this Week 37 article Coach Glassman recounts the prompt, research, resourcing, and implementation of the climbing apparatus installed at the original box in Santa Cruz.

Deeming the Bachar Ladder, Cargo Net, and Climbing Ropes comprehensively, "a sub-domain of gymnastics" called Macroclimbing, Glassman turned the leaderboard at his gym sideways by amplifying the pulling deficiencies of some of his top "fire breathers."

The article describes all of the equipment, and how it could be used in programming.

Last month (NOV17) I was at Fort Bragg, and one of the base fitness centers had an Obstacle Course Rig installed.  There were lanes with suspended ropes, grips, boards, and bars much like you would see on an episode of American Ninja Warrior.  In attempting to traverse these lanes, my single-arm gripping and pulling strength inadequacies were illuminated (to a slightly embarrassing degree).

Tap into your (potentially) climbing-based ancestry, and let's see where we can go.

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