The Glassman Chipper: Week 38 "What is CrossFit?"

Part 1 of the The Glassman Chipper WOD ends at Issue Nineteen of the The CrossFit Journal, first published in March 2004.  Early on (Week 3) we answered "What is Fitness?," and we now we conclude with answering "What Is CrossFit?"

Let's take apart Coach Greg Glassman's definition, and discuss.

"CrossFit is a strength and conditioning system built on constantly varied, if not randomized, functional movements executed at high intensity."

Functional: 1. Utilizing movements most representative of natural movement; 2. Use u oversaw motor recruitment patterns; 3. Recruit in a contraction from core to extremity; 3. Move the body (or other object) effectively and efficiently; and 4. Are neurologically irreducible multi-joint movements.

"The fitness that Crossfit advocates and develops is broad, general, and inclusive."  Coach Glassman describes the functional couplet as one way to achieve this.  

Functional Couplet: Pairing of two functional exercises (no tricks here).  "The best couplets are whole body monsters" that match classic weightlifting (or weight training) movements with classic gymnastic (or calisthenic) movements.  

This leads into a generic programming protocol, structured to maximize intensity (during the functional couplets), bolster skill work, and rest.  The template plays out like this: Couplet (intense), Focus Day (gymnastic skills or less intense distance or technique), Couplet, Off.  Three days on, one day off.

The remainder of the article is made up of testimonials and call-out boxes (one of which is from a young Robb Wolf, which is amazing if you have knowledge of his relationship with CrossFit afterwards).

CrossFit Manifesto: Regimens built from functional exercises at high intensity and constantly varied structure - 
o Produce a superior cardiorespiratory adaptation
o Are essential to fitness and health
o Constitute the most effective rehabilitation from injury
o Compromise the only truly safe protocols
o Elicit an inordinate neuroendocrine response
o Are singularly unique in developing core strength
o Yield unparalleled general physical preparedness or fitness

So much to learn, know, and practice!  What are your thoughts?

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