The Glassman Chipper: Week 18 "Police Training"

After a six month break, I present to you...Week 18!  The articles of this Glassman Chipper endeavor thus far have been about core methodologies, foundational concepts, and the health angle of CrossFit and Coach Glassman's vision.  In Week 18, and the "Police Training" article, give us a different perspective, and prompt new questions regarding the effectiveness of the CrossFit concept as preparation for potentially life and death situations.

For all forms of Law Enforcement Officers and Military Service Members effectiveness in training directly connects to performance in high stress realities.  As the article builds, Glassman questions the disconnect between observed Mil/LEO physical training models (circa 2003) and the likely demands of these "professional combatants" on the streets or battlefield.  If these individuals are most likely to see short explosive bouts of unknown combat, why then are they traditionally trained using repetitive, highly-controlled, bodybuilding isolation movements and long distance aerobic conditioning?

Since this article was published the Mil/LEO has definitely seen a much wider adoption of CrossFit, and other General Physical Preparedness (GPP) programs, but there is still a very large portion of the community that trains using outdated programs and ill-fitting concepts.  The conclusion of the article describes the Coach Glassman's response to concerns of the excessive cost associated changing programs, and his analysis to the contrary.

Give it a read, and if you have anything to add, post to comments.