5 Foods to lose weight + thoughts

Yesterday Christine brought in about 1 million diet and recipe books, I love books especially recipe books. There were a couple I was excited to look at one was the JJ Virgin book. When I opened the book wow was I disappointed. First thought, who has time for this? Look I value my health and fitness over most things, this brings quality to my life and in a world that is at times overwhelming knowing I can rely on me taking care of my body is valuable. Second thought, disgusting! Why would I want to eat this crap? Third thought, diets suck.

This email showed up in my box today talking about using your must have foods to help you lose weight and not feel like you are on a diet. It was written by the Eat Stop Eat guy who I'm a big fan of his fasting and reverse taper protocols. He makes excellent points on how most diets suggest consuming too much protein as well as how dieting at low calories for extended periods of time can hurt your body contributing to that rebound in weight gain. Over the years I've used a lot of what I've learned about myself as well as others, for me being able to overeat some days and under eat others makes me happy, keeps me strong and maintains my body goals. 

Last thought before the email is if you are on a program made for bodybuilders and you are not taking PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) it is not healthy.  It is not okay for your hormones, and it will work but at what cost, your health. Trust me, if 70% of girls competing in bikini use PEDs how many others who we look at with the bodies we want do them. #noeggwhites #noricecakes #gross

From Eat Stop Eat. List the 5 foods you know you have to eat in order to stay sane and happy OR help you lose weight. They can be any combination of the daily things you eat that either:
A) support your weight loss efforts, or
B) You need to eat in order to NOT feel like you are on some crazy restrictive diet that is slowly ruining your life and making you a miserable person to be around ;)

Here’s my list:

1) Protein - I like to have around 100 grams a day (I explain why in How Much Protein), and without supplements this takes a little practice

2) Water - OK, not technically a food, but it helps keep my head clear and I can tell when I forget to drink enough.

3) Espresso in the morning - Probably the only thing that keeps me from committing terrible crimes

4) Guinness - Want to make me VERY aware that I am dieting? Then take this away from me. I don’t need a drink every night, but knowing I CAN have a pint if I WANT TO goes a long way in making responsible eating manageable.

5) Mint chocolate chip ice-cream - If I had to choose between having ice-cream or abs, I would go buy bigger pants right now. The ice-cream would win. Luckily, I don’t have to make that choice. I just have to keep the serving size realistic.

That’s my 5 foods. If I keep these in the rotation, then weight loss and weight maintenance are much easier for me. If I don’t keep these in check, then weight loss becomes difficult and I become miserable. I feel "restricted" which usually ends with me breaking down after a week or two, since I miss eating the foods and having the drinks I like the most.

I’d like you to take some time and identify your 5 foods.  They can be any combination of foods you feel you need while losing weight and foods you want in order to feel human.

Once you have your list of 5 foods, here’s what you do next.

Tally up the calories that come from your 5 foods. Feel free to round up.

For me this comes to:

1 - 100 grams of protein X 4 Calories per gram, plus a bunch of heavy rounding = 500 Calories
2 - Zero Calories
3 - Zero Calories
4 - 120 Calories, but I’ll round to 150 to be safe
5 - 250 Calories, but I’ll round to 350 to be safe.

Next subtract these calories from your daily calorie goal.

So my "must haves" come to 1,000 calories. This means I have anywhere from 800 to 1,400 calories every day for other food. And remember, it’s not like I have ice-cream and Guinness EVERY day, so sometimes this number is lower.

The bottom line is now I only have to worry about the other foods I eat in a day. And it’s much easier to be good knowing that the foods I really want to have, I’m allowed to have. No feeling deprived.

Identifying your "must haves" helps keep everything in perspective as you try to manage your weight.