The Glassman Chipper: Week 20 "How Fit Are You?"

A few years prior to the inception of the CrossFit Games, Coach Glassman and the blossoming CrossFit community looked to construct a standardized assessment of the elite fitness they claimed to cultivate.  In the development of this test, as described in the Week 20 article How Fit Are You?, the following considerations were taken into account:

  1. The logistics of running a consolidated event (one that they have improved on dramatically in the maturation of the CrossFit Games).
  2. Accommodation of all athletes and fitness levels.
  3. The fitness-level threshold for entry (to complete the workouts as prescribed).
  4. Balance of neurological skill improvement versus universal inclusion.
  5. Adaptations (read: scaling) of the tests, and modifications to adjust the test elements into standalone practice workouts.
  6. Testing various capacities simultaneously.
  7. Not exhibiting bias toward either larger or smaller athletes (a concern raised during the 2017 Regionals season with the lack of barbells, but dispelled by Tommy Marquez' statictical analysis).
  8. A design that would identify and amplify weaknesses (and feed development of training plans to address such weaknesses).
  9. Must be "hard as hell".

As discussed in earlier posts from this series, a review of these tests illuminate how high Coach Glassman originally set the bar for fitness testing.  Note: If/when you attempt to complete these tests, keep in mind that kipping pull-ups, muscle-ups, and handstand push-ups were not commonplace back in 2003, and Coach Glassman likely had the strict variations of the movements in mind.

So, what do you think?  How fit are you...under these parameters?  Maybe we'll see some of these tests at the 2017 Games?  Luckily, in Karma CrossFit programming you get a chance to tackle these assessments the first Thursday of each month.

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