The Glassman Chipper: Week 24 "A Beginner's Routine"

The CrossFit landscape has changed rather dramatically since May 2003.  At the beginning of this article, the mock letter requesting help is meant to illustrate the remote athlete soliciting assistance in initiating their pursuit of elite fitness.  The exploding concentration of CrossFit boxes around the world has definitely decreased instances of a lack of a gym within 100 miles, but it is still the case somewhere.  Along with the CrossFit expansion, the development of the smart phone now provides workout prescribing, describing, and demonstrating applications in the palm of your hand.

The Week 24 Glassman Chipper article explains how 2003-era Coach would offer workout routine guidance to beginners with limited equipment.  In focusing on Walk/Jog/Run, Deadlift, Push Press, and Squat he generated a 12-week program that steadily increases athlete capability with high-payoff functional movements.

Do you think it is still reasonable to ask a remote athlete to purchase a bar and bumper plates?  Would this structure of a beginner's routine still provide adequate stimulus as an on-ramp type training program?  If no (to either question), what would you do differently?

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