The Glassman Chipper: Week 25 "Metabolic Conditioning Glossary"

Sounds scientific, right?  Metabolic Conditioning Glossary.  It gets a little more interesting.  We have been introduced to Pukie (AKA Pukie the Clown) previously as a perspective-representation in the early CrossFit culture, but it is this article in the Glassman Chipper collection that we hear from Pukie, contributing in the first-person.  When I first pulled up the article for this week, I noticed that it was attributed to "Pukie and Greg Glassman," which seemed a little odd.  From the tone and the language, Pukie comes across as the slightly aggro bro-version of Glassman's voice, that hyper-values intensity and applauds exercise-induced vomiting as the appropriate measure of effort.

In Week 25, we define: VO2 Max, Aerobic, Anaerobic, Lactate Threshold, Interval Training, and Heart Rate Monitor.  Though some of the definitions are skewed to a snarky Pukie interpretation, we still identify the vocabulary.

Seeing that these terms are relatively easy to research and understanding at their basic levels, let's hone our focus in on the concept of Pukie the Clown, and voiding during or after workouts.

For more on CrossFit's perspective, check out this Journal article from 2013:  A quick Google search for "CrossFit Pukie" will bring you to commendations and criticisms of the Pukie the Clown (and Uncle Rhabdo) caricatures. 

Have you ever thrown up during a workout?  If so, was it nerves?  Poorly timed eating?  Or an uncommon level of exertion?  Is it a regular part of your fitness efforts?  How do you feel about CrossFit embracing this element of the culture?

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