The Glassman Chipper: Week 22 "Two Training Aids"

Following along during the first 21 weeks of this Glassman Chipper Blog experience, you may notice a trend of innovation and fabrication from Coach Glassman and the original "fire breathers" in Santa Cruz.  From custom-mounted pull-up bars and pegboards to tape-sealed medicine balls and sandbags, the early CrossFit Journal was a publication that broadcast, as open source, the training creations born out of necessity in their pursuit of elite fitness.

Originally published in May 2003, "Two Training Aids" describes one training assistance mechanism that has survived as CrossFit affiliate standard equipment, and one that remains novel and obscure (Note: I had not seen this aid until reading this article).

We all need a degree of aid and assistance to fully facilitate a well-rounded fitness, and different cues best connect with different athletes.  The greater the arsenal of resources, the best chance that you'll send the right message.  What do you think?

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