The Glassman Chipper: Week 26 "Interval Generator"

How fitting, that on the same day we see Dave Castro bring the "2223 Intervals" workout to the 2017 CrossFit Games Individual Event 12, we explore an ad hoc interval generator method proposed by Greg Glassman in back June of 2003.  "There are no bad intervals, only weak efforts."

In the Week 26 Glassman Chipper article, "Interval Generator," Coach Glassman offers a method for determining random intervals to keep your training unknown, unknowable, and constantly varied.  Using a gaming die (or multiple dice), each roll generates a number to run through the provided matrix, which results in work interval, rest interval, and number of total iterations.  With solid rolls of the die/dice, the possibility of work/rest interval combinations will keep you busy (and progressing) for quite some time.

Building off of the Week 24 article, "A Beginner's Routine," a random interval generator applied to monitored and controlled set of body weight fundamental exercises could yield excellent results, and constantly fresh routine.

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