The Glassman Chipper: Week 31 "Functionality & Wall Ball"

"Functionality & Wall Ball"?  How do those logically connect as article topics?  Much like many other early CrossFit Journal pieces, the discussion begins on a single broad topic, then expands either the argument or the agreement, and then wraps up with an example of how Coach Glassman commonly employs his technique.  

Single broad topic: The trend of labeling movements with the buzz words "Functional Fitness."

Argument: CrossFit's definition of functional relies more on irreducibility and universality of motor recruitment than the alternatives, which better resemble rehabilitation and "core" auxiliary work.  Coach Glassman explores the idea that functional movements performed at high intensity can yield a cardiorespiratory response greater than that of mono-structural conditioning activities.  For example: The CrossFit WOD is programmed to provide you more benefit than a long slow bike ride (unless you are training for a long slow bike ride).

The Example:  150 Wall Balls (20# @ 10') for time, with a goal of 6 minutes or less.  The birth of a "Girl" benchmark WOD.

So, there you go, "Functionality" logically connected to "Wall Balls."

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