WEDNESDAY 10-28-15

Warm-up:20 min

  • Animal Flow Dynamic Warm-up

Ape wrist & hip stretch 10ea
Ape Reach 10ea
Ape Flexion Chain 10ea
Twisting Hip Stretch 10ea (or advanced)
Loaded Beast Stretch 10ea
Crab Reach 10ea
Scorpion Reach 10ea

30y Forward Beast
30y Backward Beast


  • Turkish Get Up (3/5RM)

Consistency and Intensity build to a 3RM on each arm
Form 5RM
use a spotter -- this should be exceptionally difficult if done correctly.

Accessory Lifts:20min

  • A1: Standing Shoulder Extension (3x5)

Hold for 5 count on each rep.
Do not lean forward or let the shoulders round
This comes from GB as part of the Handstand series.

  • A2: Double Banded Face-pull - Rotate - Y-Press (3x10)

  • A3: Cuban Press (3x10)