MONDAY 11-23-15


  • Catalyst Warmup

~ Row 500m, or run 400m, or Airdyne .75miles
~ Wrist Circles 10-15ea direction
~ Elbow Circles 10-15ea direction
~ Arm Circles 10-15ea direction
~ Over & Back 10-15
~ Arm Rotations 10-15
~ Triceps stretch & Sidebend 10-15ea     side
~ Torso Rotations 10-15ea side
~ Bow and Bend10-15
~ Hip Circles 10-15ea direction
~ Iron Cross/Cross kicks 10-15ea side
~ Scorpions 10-15ea side
~ Walking Lunge & Twist 10-15ea side
~ Spiderman Lunge 10-15ea side
~ Walking RDL & Leg Swings 10-15ea side
~ Kossack 10-15ea side


Form/Consistency 15min --- zero rest between workout segments.

Intensity 18min

There are A LOT of moving parts in the workout, Con/Int may need to share bars.  Help each other do this cleanly and safely and communicate before hand to minimize confusion.

  • Form Part:A (AMRAP - Reps)

6min Clock
520m run
AMRAP Walking Lunge Steps

  • Form Part:B (Weight)

3min Cap

with no rest build to a Max weight deadliest; Keep it safe, if you're not used to lifting heavy while fatigued this can be difficult.

  • Form Part:C (Time)

6min Cap
Air Squat

  • Consistency Part:A (AMRAP - Reps)

6min Clock
800m run
AMRAP OH Walking Lunge Steps (45/25)

  • Consistency Part:B (Weight)

3min Cap
Clean & Jerk

  • Consistency Part:C (Time)

6min Cap
Front Squat (75/55)
Push Press

  • Intensity Part:A (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

15min AMRAP
400m Run

Intensity Part:B (Weight)

Max Clean