• OPT's Dynamic ROM Warmup

This warm-up doesn't have rep ranges just move and get warm and loose

This Warmup is about moving so feel free to throw some of these movements in randomly it is a really dynamic joint sequence.

-- Elbow Egg-beater
-- Shoulder Rolls
-- Single Arm Circles
-- Double (opposite) Arm Circles
-- Discus Rotation
-- Toe 'n' Reach
-- Lunge Rock 'n' Reach
-- Air Deadlift
-- Single leg RDL
-- Knee Circles
-- Hip Twist
-- Hip Pivot Step
-- Ankle Twists
-- Squat Bottoms
-- Squat Round & Rolls
-- Side Lunge/Cossack Squat
-- Single Leg Hip/Knee/Ankle
-- Some Air Squats & Lunges (variation)
-- Some more Arm circles
-- Side Bends
-- Wide stance Side bend (progressive)
-- Twist & Reach
-- Twist & Reach Pulses
-- Reaching Side Bend
-- Reach Back Twists
-- Hip Circles
-- Hip Hinging
-- Some more Air Squats

  • Ido's squat 2.0

1. Knee Push 10-20ea [work toward straight arm]
2. Knee Push hold 30s ea
3. Sky Reach 10-20ea [add straight arm as ROM improves]
4. Sky Reach hold 30s ea
5. Buddha Prayer 10-20 [extend ROM as possible]
6. Squat Bows 10-20 [extend ROM as possible]
7. Squat Bow hold 30s
8. Shake it out.


  • Shoulder Cluster

With approx. 90% 1RM Perform 4s eccentrics followed by 10s rest to failure. Immediately drop weight in half and perform AMRAP


  • Sham (Time)

7 Rounds for time of:
11 Bodyweight Deadlifts
100m Sprint

In honor of Air Force Staff Sgt. David "Sham" Wieger, 28, of North Huntingdon, PA, died Nov. 1, 2007

To learn more about Sham click here