THURSDAY 5-21-15



  • Karma's Burgener Warm-up

Junk Yard Dog:

5 T-Jumps (per partner)
5 Over-Under jumps (per partner)

Burgener Warm-up:
1. Down & Up (speed through middle)
2. Elbows high (keep bar close)
3. Muscle Snatch (strengthen turnover)
4. Snatch Land (2",4",6" consistent footwork / meet that bar)
5. Snatch Drop (full bottom squat -- if your OHS needs work sub that here)
6. Hang Snatch / H. P. Sn (put it all together)

Skill Transfer Drills:
1.  Snatch Push Press
2.  Overhead squat (3 Sots presses per squat if weak in the bottom)
3.  Pressing Snatch Balance
4.  Heaving Snatch Balance
5.  Snatch Balance

use weights that are appropriate for each movement.


10min                                                 (4)

A--Build to heavy (Form: 5 / C&I: 3)


Form 3x3 80%
Cons 3x5 80%
Int: 3x3 90%

Intensity Pull from the floor, Everyone else can use the rack

  • A: Thruster 

  • B: Thruster (Above)


  • All: 1000m Row (Time)

Max Effort 1000m Row