Friday 7-10-15



  • Gymnastic Warm-up Day 2 (Upper Body Pulling/Trunk)

Basic (No requirements)

A1. Kipping / Kip swing; 5x3 attempts
A2. Strict Pull-ups / Negatives; 5x5
B1. Tuck / L-Hang; 3x10s
B2. KB Swing; 3x10

Level 2: (3 strict pull-ups; Wall Handstand; 3 Ring dips; 15 OHS @ 45/33)

A1. Strict Pull-ups / Weighted; 5x5
A2. Muscle-up Row; 5x3
A3. (OPTIONAL: Butterfly kip; 5x3)
B1. Tuck / L-sit on rings; 3x10s
B2. Back Ext.; 3x10

Level 3: (1 Muscle up; HSPU)

A1. Weighted Pull-up; 5x3
A2. Muscle-up / MU row (turn out); 5x2-3
A3. (OPTIONAL: Butterfly kip; 5x3)
B1. L-sit on rings; 3x10s
B2. Tuck /  Straddle press to Headstand; 3x3

Level 4: (1 Strict Muscle up; EROM HSPU; Weighted Pistol)

A1. L-Pull-up; 5x3-5
A2. Strict MU / Wide MU Row; 5x2
A3. Tuck / Advanced Tuck Back Lever; 5x10s
B1. Straddle / Low Straddle L-Sit on Parallettes 3x10s
B2. Rev leg lift Headstand / Rev leg lift Wall Handstand; 3x3


(1)     21min

This next strength cycle will be a little different.  We will do it primarily as EMOM/EOMOM to create a little more density.  This will require the weights to be somewhat lighter on average.

Form A: 7min EMOM 16 Step-back Lunges
1min rest
Form B: 14min EOMOM 10 Push-ups

Con A: 7min EMOM 10 Front Rack Lunges
1min rest
Con B: 14min EOMOM 6 (Ring)/Dip

Int A: 7min EMOM 4 Cleans 80%
1min rest
Int B: 14min EOMOM 5 HSPU (strict if possible)

  • Form: A: Step-Back Lunges (7X16 EMOM)

Weight these as possible

  • Form: B: Push-up (7X10 EOMOM)

  • Consistency: A: Front Rack Lunge (7x10 EMOM)

  • Consistency: B: Dip (7x6 EOMOM)

  • Intensity: A: Clean (7x4 EMOM 80%)

  • Intensity: B: Handstand Pushup (7x5 EOMOM)



  • Form: Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds
10 Wallballs
20 Mountain Climbers

  • C / I: Metcon (Time)

5 rounds:
10 Thrusters (45/33 -- 75/55)
20 Mountain Climbers