FRIDAY 6-26-15



  • Animal Flow Dynamic Warm-up

Ape wrist & hip stretch 10ea

Ape Reach 10ea
Ape Flexion Chain 10ea
Twisting Hip Stretch 10ea (or advanced)
Loaded Beast Stretch 10ea
Crab Reach 10ea
Scorpion Reach 10ea

10y forward ape
10y backward ape
10y forward crab
10y backward crab


20min                                                (4)

  • A1: Pendlay Row (5x5 )

  • A2: Cuban Press (5x10)

a "muscle snatch" only not fast


  • Death by Power Clean (AMRAP - Reps)

1 power clean 1st minute

2 power cleans 2nd minute
3 power cleans...etc etc until you can no longer repeat the number of power cleans per minute.

Form: Hang Power Clean or P.Cl scaled weights
Con: (115/80)
Int: (155/105)