TUESDAY 7-28-15



  • Animal Flow Dynamic Warm-up

Ape wrist & hip stretch 10ea
Ape Reach 10ea
Ape Flexion Chain 10ea
Twisting Hip Stretch 10ea (or advanced)
Loaded Beast Stretch 10ea
Crab Reach 10ea
Scorpion Reach 10ea

  • Lowy Warm-up


--10ea Torso Rotations
--10ea Golf Swings
--10ea Straight Leg Swings
--10ea Butt Kicks
--10ea Side Leg Swings
--5ea Deep Lunge  (think about splits)
--3ea 5-7secDown-Dog Jump to Squat
  (Stretch into bottom position of squat)
--3ea 5-7sec Knee/Ankle stretch
--5x UpDog/Inch Worm
--5x ea "Perfect" stretch
--10ea Over/Unders (palms up)
--10ea Over and Backs
--10ea Arm Circles Forward/Backward
--10 Jumping squats
  (sit low explode -- not piston reps)
--10ea Jumping Lunges


(4)     21min

This next strength cycle will be a little different.  We will do it primarily as EMOM/EOMOM to create a little more density.  This will require the weights to be somewhat lighter on average.

Form A: 7min EMOM 10 MB Cleans
1min rest
Form B: 14min EOMOM 10 Ring Rows

Con A: 7min EMOM 6 Hang Clean
1min rest
Con B: 14min EOMOM 6 Pendlay Row

Int A: 7min EMOM 3 Snatch 75%
1min rest
Int B: 14min EOMOM 6 Pendlay row

  • F:A: Metcon (Weight)  10 Med-Ball Cleans

  • F: B: Ring Row (7X10 EOMOM)

Make these heavy, it is okay to step back mid set, but keep them hard and STRICT= no knee bend/hip thrust etc.

  • C: A: Hang Clean (7x6 EMOM)

  • C: B: Pendlay Row (7x6 EMOM)

  • I: A: Snatch (7x3 EMOM)  75%

  • I: B: Pendlay Row (7x6 EMOM)



  • Form: Metcon (Time)

320m run

3 rounds
15 Air Squats

  • C / I: Metcon (Time)

520m run

3 rounds
12 KBS (20/16 -- 32/24)
20 Air Squats