Saturday 10-29-16

Coache's thoughts on today:

Tabata sled pushes are tough for sure, but we will get ample time between efforts to keep good effort.  Obviously some fall off is expected but try to match distances between all rounds The nice thing about the sled is that you are not loaded and there is no eccentric ROM so these shouldn't leave you with much if any lingering soreness.  


  • Diesel / Amped Warm-up

20Jumping Jacks
20Seal Jumps with Leg Switches
20Pogo Jumps
5eFull Body Circles
10Arm Circles each (forward and back)
10Elbows Circles each (F / B)
10Wrist Circles (F / B)
5eShoulder Rotations
10Air Squats
10Squat to Stand
10Push-up Plus (Level 1)
10Push-up Plus (Level 2)
10Push-up Plus (Level 3)
5ePush-up Plus (Level 4)
8    Cobra
5eMt Climber/Spiderman
5eMt Climber/Twist
5ePerfect Stretch
15Band Pull Aparts
10Band Dislocates
5    Plow to Straddle/Pancake
5    Backward Rolls into Pigeon
3eSquat to Forward Lunges
5eStanding Glute Stretch
5eCradle Walks


All levels do all 3 rounds.
Rest as needed (larger groups will require longer rests)
With whatever time is left do open skill session

  • Tabata Prowler (Distance) X 3