Tuesday 11-29-16

Coach's thoughts on today:

Remember: we don't want people doing kipping pull-ups until you have enough strength (and the correlating joint integrity) to do at least 3 strict pull-ups. So if you're not there yet get with a coach and develop a plan to get there. You may need to do scheduled work on your own or dial in your food or both.  DO IT!  


  • Plate Warm-up

with a 10-35# bumper:
20 Trunk rotations
20 Golf Swings
20 Rainbows (hip to hip)
15 OH Press
15 Triceps extension
8ea Halo
15 Good mornings
15 Front Squats
10 Overhead Squats
With a 2.5# -10# metal plate
10 Xiaopang forward
10 Xiaopang backward

Strength:25 min

  • Form: Pull-up / Chin-up (5x5)

Band assist ok, but keep tempo slow-ish, time under tension

  • Con: Pull-up / Chin-up (5-5-5-5-5)

weighted -- If you cannot start at BW, do Form.  5 sets of 5 ascending

  • Int: Strict Muscle Up (5x5)

These do not absolutely need to be unbroken, but they should be so if you break keep it short as possible


  • Form: Metcon (Time)

320m run
320m run

Rx+ 400m run (and/or) KBS

  • C/I: Metcon (Time)

400m run
30 KBS (24/16 -- 32/24)
400m run