Monday 12-26-16

Coach's thought's on today:

10 minutes isn't a lot of time to build to a 3RM for the day, but that's the point, get there fast even if it is quite a bit from a true 3RM. The back extension in the warm-up should help a bit. This workout actually goes a little over an hour if you do the full rebound on the RomWod, and/or if we have to stagger the Metcon for bar purposes. Try to keep things moving quickly so we don't totally destroy the timing for this class.


  • The CrossFit Warm-up

3 rounds of 10-15 reps of:  
Samson Stretch (15-30 seconds)
Overhead Squat with PVC  


  • All: Deadlift (1x3)

in 10min build to a heavy triple


  • Form: Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

3min clock

320m run
max Deadlifts

rest 3min

X 3

Be sure to record your weight

Rx+ = longer run

  • C/I: Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

3min clock

400m run
max Deadlifts (3RM from above)

rest 3min

X 3

Depending on attendance and weights these rounds may needto be staggered