Tuesday 12-6-16

Coach's thoughts on today:

Back, back, and then more back. Gymnastic day 2 is pulling, the strength work is going to focus on the upper back/rear shoulder and then the conditioning has a movement that will hit that same area. Considering the push-ups yesterday that should actually help balance out the body a bit.

A quick note on the Sumo Deadlift High-pull. It is a point of argument even within the CrossFit community as to it's value. Here's the deal, could it be an issue? Sure, but so can every movement if done poorly. Make sure you are setting your shoulders back as the elbow elevates and you shouldn't have any trouble. Make sure you're getting good leg drive to accelerate the bar and that your timing is precise. And if you know it does bother YOUR shoulder, don't be a dummy and do it anyway. Do Form with the swinging high-pull which is much easier or even do a single arm kettlebell if need be. 


  • Gymnastic Warm-up Day 2 (Upper Body Pulling/Trunk)

Basic (No requirements)
A1. Kipping / Kip swing; 5x3 attempts
A2. Strict Pull-ups / Negatives; 5x5
B1. Tuck / L-Hang; 3x10s
B2. KB Swing; 3x10

Level 2: (3 strict pull-ups; Wall Handstand; 3 Ring dips; 15 OHS @ 45/33)
A1. Strict Pull-ups / Weighted; 5x5
A2. Muscle-up Row; 5x3
A3. (OPTIONAL: Butterfly kip; 5x3)
B1. Tuck / L-sit on rings; 3x10s
B2. Back Ext.; 3x10

Level 3: (1 Muscle up; HSPU)
A1. Weighted Pull-up; 5x3
A2. Muscle-up / MU row (turn out); 5x2-3
A3. (OPTIONAL: Butterfly kip; 5x3)
B1. L-sit on rings; 3x10s
B2. Tuck /  Straddle press to Headstand; 3x3

Level 4: (1 Strict Muscle up; EROM HSPU; Weighted Pistol)
A1. L-Pull-up; 5x3-5
A2. Strict MU / Wide MU Row; 5x2
A3. Tuck / Advanced Tuck Back Lever; 5x10s
B1. Straddle / Low Straddle L-Sit on Parallettes 3x10s
B2. Rev leg lift Headstand / Rev leg lift Wall Handstand; 3x3

Strength:25 min

  • A1: Hinge Row (5x8-10)

Gymnastic body Pulling drill

If you don't have good control of this movement keep your hips on the floor and really try to develop the propper position

  • A2: Standing Shoulder Extension (5x8-10)



  • Form: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds)

12min AMRAP
5 Push Press
15 KB Swinging High-pull

  • Con: Metcon (Time)

10 rounds
5 Push Press (75/55)

  • Int: Metcon (Time)

10 rounds
5 Push Press (95/65)
10 Snatch High Pull

Bar must get to nipple level for rep to count