Monday 5-16-16


  • Ido's squat 2.0

1. Knee Push 10-20ea [work toward straight arm]
2. Knee Push hold 30s ea
3. Sky Reach 10-20ea [add straight arm as ROM improves]
4. Sky Reach hold 30s ea
5. Buddha Prayer 10-20 [extend ROM as possible]
6. Squat Bows 10-20 [extend ROM as possible]
7. Squat Bow hold 30s
8. Shake it out.

  • Lowy Warm-up

--10ea Torso Rotations
--10ea Golf Swings
--10ea Straight Leg Swings
--10ea Butt Kicks
--10ea Side Leg Swings
--5ea Deep Lunge(think about splits)
--3ea 5-7secDown-Dog Jump to Squat
  (Stretch into bottom position of squat)
--3ea 5-7sec Knee/Ankle stretch
--5x UpDog/Inch Worm
--5x ea "Perfect" stretch
--10ea Over/Unders (palms up)
--10ea Over and Backs
--10ea Arm Circles Forward/Backward
--10 Jumping squats
  (sit low explode -- not piston reps)
--10ea Jumping Lunges


Squats every 90s for 5 sets
Rest 5min
Pull-up every 90s for 5 sets
Rest 5min
Push-up every 90s for 5 sets

  • Form: Goblet Squat (5x10)

  • Con: Front Squat (5x8)

  • Int: Back Squat (5x8)

  • Form: Ring Row (5x12)

  • C/I: Pull-up / Chin-up (5x8)

if 8 strict body weight pull-ups isn't possible, kip and do negatives once failure is reached and record accurately.

  • All: Push-up (5x20)

Form scale to 10 if needed

Gymnastics:10min Skill Work

  • GHD Situps (3 x 10-25)