Thursday 7-21-16


  • Gymnastic Warm-up Day 1 (Upper Body Pressing/Legs)

Level 1: (No requirements)
A1. Kick to handstand; 5x3 attempts
A2. Ring Push-ups; 5x5
A3. Tripod/Frog stand 5x10s
B1. Overhead Squat; 3x10
B2. KB Deadlift/Goblet Squat; 3x10

Level 2: (3 strict pull-ups; Wall Handstand; 3 Ring dips; 15 OHS @ 45/33)
A1. HSPU; 5X5
A2. Frog stand; 5x10s
B1. Pistols; 3x5ea
B2. Hip Ext.; 3x10

Level 3: (1 Muscle up; HSPU)
A1. HSPU [full ROM strict]; 5X5
A2. Advanced Frog stand; 5x10s
B1. Pistols; 3x5ea
B2. Hip and Back Ext.; 3x10

Level 4: (1 Strict Muscle up; EROM HSPU; Weighted Pistol)
A1. HeSPU; 5x3
A2. Tuck Planche; 5x10-12s
B1. Weighted Pistol 3x5ea
B2. GHR; 3X5


Press/Cluster as A1 chin as A2

  • Form: Shoulder Press (3x12)

  • C/I: Shoulder Cluster X3

With approx. 90% 1RM Perform 4s eccentrics followed by 10s rest to failure. Immediately drop weight in half and perform AMRAP

  • Pull-up / Chin-up (3x12)

Band assist as needed -- Intensity use wide grip


  • 20 Pull Drill (5 Rounds for distance)

exactly 20 Pulls on the rower with a 60s clock