Wednesday 8-31-16


Lowy Warm-up
--10ea Torso Rotations
--10ea Golf Swings
--10ea Straight Leg Swings
--10ea Butt Kicks
--10ea Side Leg Swings
--5ea Deep Lunge(think about splits)
--3ea 5-7secDown-Dog Jump to Squat
  (Stretch into bottom position of squat)
--3ea 5-7sec Knee/Ankle stretch
--5x UpDog/Inch Worm
--5x ea "Perfect" stretch
--10ea Over/Unders (palms up)
--10ea Over and Backs
--10ea Arm Circles Forward/Backward
--10 Jumping squats
  (sit low explode -- not piston reps)
--10ea Jumping Lunges


  • Form: Metcon (Time)

1200m run
Burpees (50 Rx -- 75 Rx+)
1200m run

  • Con: Metcon (Time)

1mile run
100 Burpees
1mile run

  • Int: Riley (Time)

For time:
Run 1.5 miles
150 Burpees
Run 1.5 miles

In honor of Army Sgt. 1st Class Riley G. Stephens, 39, of Tolar, Texas, died Sept. 28, 2012

To learn more about Riley click here