Tuesday 1-10-17

Coach's thoughts on today:

We used to have a running technique class on Sundays but the turn-out was underwhelming. People feel like if they have shoes they can go run, and while that may be factually true what is also factually true is that most people run very badly. If you don't know about pose running get on that, ask a coach, practice, then practice more.



  • Catalyst Warmup


~ Row 500m, or run 400m, or Airdyne .75miles
~ Wrist Circles 10-15ea direction
~ Elbow Circles 10-15ea direction
~ Arm Circles 10-15ea direction
~ Over & Back 10-15
~ Arm Rotations 10-15
~ Triceps stretch & Sidebend 10-15ea     side
~ Torso Rotations 10-15ea side
~ Bow and Bend10-15
~ Hip Circles 10-15ea direction
~ Iron Cross/Cross kicks 10-15ea side
~ Scorpions 10-15ea side
~ Walking Lunge & Twist 10-15ea side
~ Spiderman Lunge 10-15ea side
~ Walking RDL & Leg Swings 10-15ea side
~ Kossack 10-15ea side


  • Form: Metcon (Time)

800m run
600m run
 18 RKBS
400m run
 12 RKBS
200m run
  6 RKBS

  • Con: Metcon (Time)

800m run
12 Cleans (95/65)
600m run
  9 Cleans (115/80)
400m run
  6 Cleans (135/95)
200m run
  3 Cleans (155/110)

These are "anyhow"

  • Int: Metcon (Time)

800m run
12 Snatches (95/65)
600m run
  9 Snatches (115/80)
400m run
  6 Snatches (135/95)
200m run
  3 Snatches (155/110)

These are "anyhow"