Monday 1-2-17

Coach's thoughts on today:

First: Happy New Year! Now, let's get started. Gymnastic day 1 warm-up is the easier of the 2 days, but remember they levels are connected so not having pull-ups (a day 2 movement) could hold you back from progressing though these. Also, I know for many of you gymnastic (body weight) movements are a problem. Get that dialed in! Katy has new software to help with meal planning to help get your food dialed and the pounds off to make this stuff easier. 

Skin the cats will cause problems for the same weight issues but it also gets tricky with shoulder ROM, so if you can't do STCs then do shoot-throughs, but really work on getting those deep push-ups and really get the hips up on the other side.

The pull-up/ring row buy-in for the metcon should be tough but don't make that half the workout. I want the ring row to be done in a "heavy" position that is consistent, but don't make them so heavy that you're doing those for the whole workout.


  • Gymnastic Warm-up Day 1 (Upper Body Pressing/Legs)

Level 1: (No requirements)
A1. Kick to handstand; 5x3 attempts
A2. Ring Push-ups; 5x5
A3. Tripod/Frog stand 5x10s
B1. Overhead Squat; 3x10
B2. KB Deadlift/Goblet Squat; 3x10

Level 2: (3 strict pull-ups; Wall Handstand; 3 Ring dips; 15 OHS @ 45/33)
A1. HSPU; 5X5
A2. Frog stand; 5x10s
B1. Pistols; 3x5ea
B2. Hip Ext.; 3x10

Level 3: (1 Muscle up; HSPU)
A1. HSPU [full ROM strict]; 5X5
A2. Advanced Frog stand; 5x10s
B1. Pistols; 3x5ea
B2. Hip and Back Ext.; 3x10

Level 4: (1 Strict Muscle up; EROM HSPU; Weighted Pistol)
A1. HeSPU; 5x3
A2. Tuck Planche; 5x10-12s
B1. Weighted Pistol 3x5ea
B2. GHR; 3X5


  • Shoot Throughs

  • Skin the cat

Rings or bar


  • Form: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

50 Ring rows
200m run
10 Hang Power Cleans

Con: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

30 Strict Pull-ups
200m run
10 Hang Cleans (95/65)

  • Int: Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

50 Strict Pull-ups
200m run
10 Hang Cleans (155/105)