Friday 1-27-17

Coach's thoughts on today:
20min is plenty of time to get a decent warm-up and 5 sets of back squats. Remember that 5x5 should be all sets at the same weight, but if you are a set or 2 in and realize that you can go heavier or need to go lighter that's fine, just change your scoring to reflect it. These squats may be a little lighter than usual (75-80% is standard for 5 reps) based on yesterdays workout, but the warm-up sets should allow for evaluation. When we get to the metcon keep in mind that 75 and 55 for push presses are slightly lighter than usual so this is meant to be pretty fast, the burpees on the other hand, as always, will drain you.


  • Plate Warm-up

with a 10-35# bumper:
20 Trunk rotations
20 Golf Swings
20 Rainbows (hip to hip)
15 OH Press
15 Triceps extension
8ea Halo
15 Good mornings
15 Front Squats
10 Overhead Squats
With a 2.5# -10# metal plate
10 Xiaopang forward
10 Xiaopang backward


  • Back Squat (5x5)


  • Form: Metcon (Time)

Push Press

  • C/I: Metcon (Time)

Push Press (75/55)