Monday 1-30-17

Coach's thoughts on today:
Remember that as a general range 75-80% of your 1RM is a good range for 5 reps. Also, keep in mind that while doing sets this way where we are not progressing set to set it is best to add 2-3 warm-up sets. A general rule I like (but you are not obligated to this) is 1 set at 12-15 reps, then add weight for 8-12 reps, add again for 5-8. I like this because it gets you get plenty of volume to warm-up the muscles and grooves the movement pattern. It also gives you a good idea of what you feel like on that last set, especially if like today we are doing sets of 5. The ring-row is used today as a balancing movement (push/pull) so just keep it tough, a walk back style set is great here so each rep is difficult but make sure you are not doing any spinal flexion, and make sure you are pulling your shoulders back on each rep.

The quick conditioning work at the end shouldn't be too much trouble provided you go unbroken. If you do break (I probably would because I HATE wallballs) make sure to keep the rest short.


  • Diesel / Amped Warm-up

20Jumping Jacks
20Seal Jumps with Leg Switches
20Pogo Jumps
5eFull Body Circles
10Arm Circles each (forward and back)
10Elbows Circles each (F / B)
10Wrist Circles (F / B)
5eShoulder Rotations
10Air Squats
10Squat to Stand
10Push-up Plus (Level 1)
10Push-up Plus (Level 2)
10Push-up Plus (Level 3)
5ePush-up Plus (Level 4)
8    Cobra
5eMt Climber/Spiderman
5eMt Climber/Twist
5ePerfect Stretch
15Band Pull Aparts
10Band Dislocates
5    Plow to Straddle/Pancake
5    Backward Rolls into Pigeon
3eSquat to Forward Lunges
5eStanding Glute Stretch
5eCradle Walks


  • A1: Bench Press (5x5)

  • A2: Ring Row (5x10)


  • Form: Metcon (Time)

3 rounds
15 Wallballs
30 Sit-ups

  • C/I: Metcon (Time)

3 rounds
25 Wallballs
45 Sit-ups