Wednesday 2-1-17

Coach's thoughts on today:

So tomorrow is Benchmark Thursday and I wanted to get some RomWod in to try to give you the chance to release some of the sore muscles from earlier in the week. That is why we are only doing 5 intervals on the rower. Usually I like to program 300s in the 7-10 range and that is brutal, but this won't be too bad. Enjoy the stretch and come in ready to go tomorrow.


  • Plate Warm-up

with a 10-35# bumper:

20 Trunk rotations
20 Golf Swings
20 Rainbows (hip to hip)
15 OH Press
15 Triceps extension
8ea Halo
15 Good mornings
15 Front Squats
10 Overhead Squats
With a 2.5# -10# metal plate
10 Xiaopang forward
10 Xiaopang backward


  • Metcon: 300m row repeats (5 Rounds for time)

Bendy:23min (w/rebound)